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Balzac United Church Congregational Meeting
May 28 2017

Balzac United Church is calling a congregational meeting for Sunday, May 28, 2017 after the worship service to vote on the 4 remits approved at General Council last summer. These remits are changes to the church's Basis of Union and need to be voted on by members of each pastoral charge by June 30, 2017. The four remits to be voted on at this meeting are as follows:

1. Three-Council Model
2. Elimination of Transfer and Settlement
3. Office of Vocation
4. Funding a New Model

Click the link here to see the letter from the United Church of Canada outlining this process as well as information on each of the remits above for your reference. Please review this information and be prepared at the meeting to discuss any questions or issues and vote on each of these remits. If you have questions prior to the meeting, please contact Rev Rita at (403) 560-5197 or Ruth Unser at (403) 289-2715 or cell phone (403) 607-5141. We will be having a pot luck lunch after the meeting to enjoy some fellowship time. Please join us for the meeting and lunch.

BUC Annual General Meeting: February 12

This year's BUC Annual meeting and potluck lunch was held on Sunday, February 12 following the worship service. View the Annual Report here



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