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BUC Kids and Youth Led Worship Service – June 23

23 Jun

BUC Kids and Youth Led Worship Service – June 23

Balzac Pastoral Charge of the United Church of Canada 
Sunday June 23, 2024
BUC Kids and Youth- Led servic
Music Ministry: Dr. Alex Shawn and Lee Dowan  
Theme: knights in everyday armor 

Prelude: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus -arr. M. Ham 

Welcome & Announcements from the Sunday school/youth Team 

Welcoming and Land Acknowledgement 
“As we gather together, let us pause to remember that we live, work and worship on lands that are, by law, the unceded territories of the nations of Treaty 7. As Christ’s people, may we be people of love, of truth, and of reconciliation. May we live with respect on this land, and in peace and friendship with its people.” 

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Passing the Peace: Post-game handshakes are a time-honored tradition. Little League baseball players, traveling soccer teams, and NCAA athletes never miss this ritual of sportsmanship. During the game they “fight,” engage in “battle,” “conquer,” or suffer “defeat.” But at the end of the day athletes are not at war. By a simple hand gesture, athletes declare that they are at peace. 

Communal practices like post-game handshakes are simple but profound in meaning and significance. They are actions that speak louder than words, actions that reinforce our values (such as sportsmanship). 

One ancient and significant gesture in worship is the passing of the peace. Passing the peace is a tradition rooted in Scripture that embodies our identity as peacemakers (Matt. 5:9; 2 Cor. 5:20) and trains ours hearts, hands, and tongues in the ways of peace. 

From the beginning Christians have exercised this practice. “Peace be with you” is a greeting Jesus himself used with his disciples (Luke 24:36; John 20:19, 26). The apostle Paul opened each of his letters with the words “Grace and peace be with you” (Rom. 1:7; 1 Cor. 1:3; 2 Cor. 1:2). 

Today in many congregations we may pass the peace during a mutual greeting, after words of assurance, prior to celebrating the Lord’s Supper, or at the conclusion of a worship service. At these times we leave the comfort of our seat, turn to our neighbors, grasp their hands, and speak the words, “The peace of the Lord be with you” and receive the words in turn, “And also with you.” 

The gesture is simple, but the meaning is profound. When we extend our hand to another, we identify with Jesus, who extended his life to the point of death to make peace with humanity (Col. 1:20-21). What’s more, in the midst of divisions we symbolize our unity through handshakes and hugs (Eph. 2:14-21). Likewise, when we regularly pass the peace we practice God’s call to make every effort to maintain the bond of peace (Eph. 4:3). 
We now invite you to pass the peace 

Lighting of the Christ Candle & Call to Worship: 
We gather today to worship the One who created us, 
The One who calls us, 
The One who equips us, 
The One who loves us without end. 
With joyful hearts, let us worship God. 

Opening Hymn: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God VU 262 

Opening prayer: Father, help us to prepare for any battle we may face. Help us to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. As we go through today, help us to stand strong and live with courage knowing that God is always with us. Please Lord, equip me today with the armor of God

Grown-up Chat followed by the armor prayer: Throwing stones (David’s act of faith); 7 knightly virtues 

Readings: Ephesians 6:10-18 (Angela), 

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, J.K. Rowling. (Malin) 

Music for the Maker: We Are Marching (Singing, Working) VU 646 

The message: Knights in the kitchen, the office and the grocery store! (Based on The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie DePaola)  

Offertory: What Can I Do? from MV 191 

Prayer of Dedication: Father, as we lay before you our offering, we give you all that we are and everything that you have entrusted to us. Come, bless these gifts for the sake of your Kingdom and glory. 

Sunday school presentations 

Closing Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, We come before you in the mighty name of Jesus, giving you all the glory and honor. We thank you for the examples of faith and victory that you have shown us through the lives of David, Moses, and Gideon. We are reminded of how you chose a shepherd boy, David, and used a simple stone to defeat the giant Goliath. We are reminded of how you chose an old man, Moses, and used a staff to defeat Pharaoh and his mighty army. We are reminded of how you chose Gideon and his 300 men, and with your power, they defeated the vast army of the Midianites using only trumpets.

Lord, we pray that you would work in our lives just as you did in the lives of these faithful servants. Help us to trust in your power and not in our own strength. Give us the faith to face our own giants, knowing that the battle is yours. Help us to remember that with you on our side, nothing is impossible.

Father, we ask for your guidance and wisdom in our own battles. Just as you chose David, Moses, and Gideon, we ask that you would choose and equip us for the challenges we face. Give us the courage to step out in faith, knowing that you are with us every step of the way.

We declare that the victory is already won because of your faithfulness and power. We thank you for the assurance that you are fighting for us. Strengthen our faith, Lord, and help us to rely on you completely. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Music for the Maker: Whom shall I fear (see bulletin insert for words) -Chris Tomlin Led by Michelle Kotelko 

Carrying God’s Light into the world: Go into the world knowing that God is always with you. Even when times get difficult and the way is not clear, God is truly by your side. Wear the armor of God daily, Rest in God’s strength and love. Serve God with joy. Go in peace. AMEN. 

Postlude: We’re Marching to Zion -arr. M.