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BUC Worship At Home Experience Sunday July 18

Date: July 18, 2021/Speaker: Rita Cattell

Rev Rita’s Message – Listen to the full message here

To begin pray – Come, Spirit of God, with your power and your presence, transform our lives and help us change the world! Amen.

Play Lord, Listen to your Children Praying

Read Romans 12:1-2 (attached)

Play Love Divine, All Loves Excelling

Listen to Rev Rita’sMessage (attached) or read her message (attached)

Play Trust and Obey

Pray – Gracious God, in love You created us, and in love You sustain us, day after day. So it is with confidence that we bring our prayers to You, knowing that You hear us, and will respond. We pray for all who suffer this day, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. May Your presence surround and sustain each one,so that they may know your love and live. Gracious God, hear our prayer, and in Your love, answer. Finally, God, we pray for ourselves—Grant us compassion and humility in our relationships.Release the gifts You have given to each one, so that in us and through us,Your kingdom might come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Listen I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me

To end this time of worship say:  May the blessing of God, the love of Jesus Christ, and the presence of the Holy Spirit strengthen and sustain me in all things.