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Looking for a church home?


We’re ready to meet you. We’ve practiced and we’re very good at including new people. We’ll shake your hand and ask your name and even better we’ll remember it!
Nervous about that first time walking through the door?
We park in a field behind the church. Greeters are at the door to hand you a bulletin outlining the order of the service. You enter the coat room first and there is an open archway to the worship area. Refreshments following the service are in a room attached to the sanctuary. From this room there is a hallway which leads to the washrooms, nursery, choir room and stairs to Sunday school.
Congregational mix?
Pretty typical UC with a strong contingent of older people who are the bedrock of our church; some with four generations of family attending. Fair amount of families with young kids and a few with teenagers. A dearth of young adults. But you could change that.
Not from Balzac?
Neither are all of us.
We call Calgary, Crossfield, Airdrie, Cochrane, Irricana and Balzac home.
Got Kids
We have a nursery for the youngest children. The older kids attend the first part of the service before heading up to a Sunday school group of between 6 and 15 kids. The congregation is very tolerant of toddler noise and restlessness, kids dancing in the aisles and general kid mayhem. Rev Rita genuinely loves all that the kids contribute and welcomes them to the communion table.
Dress code
Our Vision
….to be a church for both young and old, who seek to explore their faith through progressive theology applied to everyday life.
Our Missions

…..to be open and accepting of all who walk through our doors
…..to preserve our rural values in the face or urbanization
…..to help others through local and global outreach initiatives
…..to explore theology through fellowship, worship, and education