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Michelle Kotelko, External Affairs

Email: balzacunitedchurch@gmail.com[/swmsc_text_block]

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Soap For Hope

is in need of clean, empty shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, & body wash bottles with lids. High demand items include: razors, shave cream, feminine products. Always needed are 1 litre bottles of dish soap and laundry soap as well as diapers, wipes, nail clippers, and Kleenex. Donation box is in the entrance way.

The new Address for Soap For Hope YYC is 5120 6th NE just off Deerfoot and McKnight. We hope to be open to the public by next week. Can’t wait to see you. New phone number is 587-352-9500[/swmsc_text_block]

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BUC reaches out to Bethany Care residents with Handmade cards. The External Affairs committee sent 70  handmade Easter cards to residents at Bethany.